TD Square Pan

Item Model: TD20001 FOB Port: NINGBO MOQ: 300 Lead Time: 1 Month

Product Details

Model No. TD2000 TD200001 TD3000 TD30001 TD30002 TD4000

TD40001 TD40002

TD5000 TD50001 TD50002 TD6000 TD60001 TD60002 TD10000 TD100001
Capacity 0-20000g 0-3000g 0-4000g 0+5000g 0-6000g 0-10000g
Readability 1g/0.1g/0.01g
Repeatability ±1g/±0.2g/±0.02g
Linearity ±1g/±0.2g/±0.02g
Pan size 170mm*170mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 29cm*18.5cm*8cm
Packing size(L*W*H) 30.2cm*22cm*14.5cm
Net weight 2200g
Gross weight 2600g
Power supply 110V/220-240V AC
  1. High precision load cell
  2. Aluminum alloy die-cast base and mains
  3. Stainless steel pan
  4. LED display
  5. Full capacity subtraction
  6. Multi weighing unit conversation g/ct/oz
  7. Stabilization time 1.5 seconds
  8. Overload protection
  9. Below balance weighing facility
  10. Checking to weigh, piece counting function

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